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Brad Cousino’s story is about a child conceived out of wedlock to parents that were in their early teens, where he was raised in a chaotic, mean-spirited, alcoholic family environment. Brad’s parents were both raised in dysfunctional homes, and as a result, Brad was traumatically abused (physically, emotionally, verbally) almost every day growing up. (Hurt people really do hurt people)

For generations no one in Brad’s direct family lineage (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.,) ever graduated from an accredited high school. To break the generational chain of physical & alcohol abuse, Brad took a job cleaning out putrid sewers at $4.50/hr to earn enough money to pay for one quarter of college. But he would need some type of scholarship, so he tried out as a non-scholarship “walk-on” for Miami University’s (Ohio) division one football team. (As a frame of reference, think the iconic movie “RUDY”) The pressure was on – if Brad didn’t earn a full scholarship, he would have to drop out of college by spring quarter.

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