About The Book

ABOUT Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED

“Brad’s memoir is written to encourage those going through tough times in life. “Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED” is his compelling story of overcoming his traumatic past – From being raised in a dysfunctional home where he was never wanted by his parents, to being physically abused many hundreds of times, to cleaning out putrid sewers to pay for one quarter of college tuition, to playing in the NFL, and then having to deal with the fall-out of his traumatic abuse inflicted upon him growing up that came back to haunt him as a young man.

His book details how he overcame the many struggles, battles, traumas, and scars. He experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, hard work, luck, labor, sadness, hope, futility, and ultimate success.

Brad Cousino’s life story is one of struggle and ultimate triumph against impossible odds.  Because Brad never gave up, he never quit despite the overwhelming odds, and as a result, he became transformed into a far better version of Brad Cousino where he salvaged and ultimately redeemed his life, and the good news is… so can YOU!”